There are things that are very important and should be taken into account while buying a belt, the problem is that the brands that distribute and sell girdles, have a world of options, one for type of problem. Many women just have the idea of ​​buying a sash, but what they do not know is what kind of girdles there are or what kind of girdle I need or want to buy.
That is the uncertainty of many, therefore, there are too many girdles and they are many colors, different compressions and different measures apart from that the girdles are designed according to a specific type of problem whether they are pre – surgical, post – surgical girdles or Aesthetic use.
Below we will show what are the points that have to be taken into account when buying a belt:

The size of the girdles:
The girdles must always have exact measurements, this will depend on comfort or discomfort when it is used, this is also very important when they will be used after a surgical process. The size of the girdle you buy will also be evident in your personal presentation, because if you are too small, those chubby ones that we want to cover look for where to go or can affect the surgery that you have done.

Color of the strips:
The theme of the color of the belt if it is more tied to taste, therefore, the amount of colors is less extensive than that of underwear, you will find strips of these colors: Chocolate, black, beige, skin color, white, cocoa.
These colors the person who uses them will vary according to the type and color of clothing that is wearing at that time.

Levels of control or compression:

You should always advise yourself and buy a belt that fits your needs, whether immediate or temporary, in Lipoarmonia we have 3 types of compression for our belts: Extreme, high and medium compression; Where the extreme use it mostly in post – surgical processes or people who want to use them for their aesthetics. The high and the average compression are of smoother use and with little control, more of daily use.

Editor: Brandon Pulido