For many Christmas and the end of the year are very important dates, so we will always seek to spend them in family and in places of our total comfort, a place where we can be quiet and make it fun and enjoyable for everyone, a high percentage Of people have their vacations for these dates reason why Lipoarmonia suggests 5 destinations of the country to go to enjoy the end of the year as a family.

Santa Marta:

Although the lighting of this city is not the best, the warmth of the city and of people if it is incomparable, and what more does one ask of life than spending Christmas or New Year in front of the sea and the moon, Along with their loved ones and surrounded by the nature and warmth of the people of Santa Marta.


Bogota as a capital each year has the task of providing its visitors and inhabitants with different cultural plans on this occasion, plans such as Christmas tours where routes and routes are made by different parks with lighting in the city, another plan that suggests Bogota is Tour through the center of the city where you can enjoy different cultures.

Villa de Leyva:

As many say, the best time of the year to visit this town is December, because, it is contagious of all the joy of Christmas and its streets are full of lights, they make a festival of lights which, over the years, is becoming bigger , This is also accompanied by concerts and cultural events typical of the Boyaca people

For several years Medellín has been considered one of the most beautiful and organized cities in Colombia and during the Christmas festivities that is not an exception because the city is dressed in lights, with a festival that has reached more than 14 million bulbs that Tour the Medellín River, parks, streets, gardens among others to make the city a real attraction for big and small. From December 7, the official date of the “candlelight day” in the country, the lighting that will accompany visitors and locals during the whole month of December will be lit and will also provide fun at different local events such as concerts, Theater, pyrotechnic games and of course the novenas among others.


The world capital of salsa dresses up for joy during the month of December as from the 25th of the month begins its traditional and world-famous Cali Fair, where hundreds of people gather around a salsa festival full of color and rhythm, The night of Christmas is also the night of the preamble to the opening of the festival and the whole city celebrates by high every year. If for you synonymous of Christmas is party and rumba you can not miss Cali during these dates. You can take advantage of renting apartments in Cali to spend the Christmas season in Family.

Editor: Brandon Pulido