Lipoarmonia gives you some tips to finish the year in the best way and start 2017 with the best energy and the best attitude. Next we will start with some curious data that many know but do not apply due to lack of time or lack of discipline with our physical and / or nutritional activity.
With little time but with effort and dedication can lose approximately 3 to 8 or 9 kilos in a short time, we recommend to be persistent to achieve our final goal:

1. Eat vegetables without limitation:

This is recommended because vegetables have low levels of glycemic, which makes them ideal to start and endure in diets; Apart from being good for the dieras, they help the intestine by the fibers it contains, we know that for many they are difficult to digest but they are rich in vitamins and have very few calories and most importantly you can consume them in countless quantities.

2. Detoxify your body

It is recommended to our readers to do this twice a year, this to protect our health, whether you are dieting or you are maintaining your current weight. It is recommended to do the detoxification of the body after the year-end festivities, because, at this time, the levels of food and beverages are considerably increased, so it is ideal for the body.

If you do not know how to do it you can go to your doctor or you can go to some drugstore, there they can advise you and you can buy the products you need.

3. Mark a date on the calendar as a goal to reach your ideal weight

This is a more motivational issue and it will never be late to make the decision to start a diet or maintain our current weight if it is appropriate. We have to take into account that our weight will always be related to our metabolism, the way we eat and / or the type of life we ​​carry, so it is important to set and define the dates in which we will perform our goal.

4. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates

“All carbohydrates, which are also called carbohydrates or carbohydrates, contain sugars, whether starch (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes), sucrose (common sugar), fructose (fruit), maltose (beer) or lactose Dairy products), and these sugars seemed to be the best fuel to keep us alive and active at other times in history. But the energy we need in our current day-to-day life no longer demands such a large amount of carbohydrates. In order to lose weight effectively, what I propose is even to eliminate them almost completely. ”

5. Do not overdo yourself in physical exercise

The benefits of practicing sport are undeniable: walking, swimming, dancing or cycling are excellent activities to strengthen your heart, muscles and bones, as well as to stimulate your good mood, relieving you of the stress of daily life. But I always recommend to my patients that they moderate in the initial phase of the diet because if it starts simultaneously to practice a lot of sport not only does not lose weight so fast (because the muscles also weigh), but it has more difficulty in avoiding the fatty foods And sugary, because sport opens the appetite.

6. Sleep well if you want to lose weight. Different scientific studies have confirmed the importance of leptin for weight control. Synthesized during sleep, leptin is a protein hormone that acts on the brain, inhibiting appetite and stimulating energy consumption. For this reason, if you do not get enough sleep at night, it will affect leptin production and it is very likely that the next day you will have more difficulty controlling your appetite. People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disturbances are therefore more likely to be overweight.

Editor: Brandon Pulido