LIPOARMONIA Ltda. Is a Colombian company specialized in the design, production and commercialization of elastic compression garments and new forms of body covering. It is composed of experienced directors and a young and creative work team, with an excellent human quality, great professionalism; Committed to quality and customer service.

LIPOARMONIA belts have been developed after several years of research, permanent implementation of new materials and designs, thinking about the daily life of modern people. Due to its technological development, it offers superior solutions to what is conventionally found in the market.




Provide our client with high quality products that help maintain your body in optimum physical conditions, in pre-post surgical recovery processes, thinning, muscle injuries and daily use. Special emphasis on pre and after sales service with personalized advice.




For LIPOARMONIA, the future is the most important. For this reason, our organization will reach the potential of 10 consolidated countries by the year 2024 (United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and the United Kingdom Where they already have knowledge of our LIPOARMONIA brand.


Social responsability


LIPOARMONIA in conjunction with its character as a company committed to the material and spiritual restoration of anyone with whom it has contact, has as a labor policy in its production plant hire mothers head of household, we know that if we protect the family and we begin to transform the way To think of our people, we will come to enjoy lasting peace.


Quality policies


Our LIPOARMONIA garments are made of highly resistant, thermoplastic, high-performance elastic synthetic materials with high quality standards and designed to help patients recover in post-operative care and aesthetic reconstruction surgery. Postpartum patients, recovery and maintenance of sports injuries and in general the corporal coverage of specific areas that require compression. These garments are made with therapeutic fabrics manufactured exclusively for our firm.